Sunday, June 12, 2011


Bogota Colombia South America
This is where I will serve my 2 years!

This is how far you guys are from me.

Me and some of the Elders
Just Chillin'.


This is Elder Peterson from California.
He has been one of my best friends
here at the MTC.

Elder Peterson

This is my Companion, Elder Ure.

Me and some of the Bro's.

This of course is the Provo Temple. I loved
going each week just to get outside.
This is the view from the Temple.

I have to admit that I am so glad to finally be leaving the MTC.  Oh, I have learned  many GREAT things here, but structure was not one of my favorites.  I have made many new friends, but I am ready to Serve the Lord where I have been called.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bridger will be serving his 2 year mission in the Colombia Bogota North Mission.  He has spent the last 2 months in the Provo MTC.  He has had many great experiences there, and made tons of friends.  He was also made a Zone Leader in his district there. He has been missing all his family and friends at home. and wishes to hear from everyone.

He will be arriving in Bogota, Columbia this next week. 
He is so excited to get there, not only to see the beauty
of Colombia, but to venture out of the confines of the 
MTC. He will fly into Georgia first and will have a little
time to call home.  We are all excited about this!  Then
he will fly into Bogota that evening.  We are all anxious
 to here more from him.