Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21st 2011

Hello my mother... so... we have two baptizms this week... Brenda and Nicole. both picked me to baptize them so im doing the dunkin ha. ill send some pictures of it after... haha. i´m pretty excited. and i feel a little piece of the love god has for us. really i love these girls and their family. it´s hard to explain but i know they want to be happy. and they´re getting there.
dad told me about the house... that is gerat mom. count your blessings that someone is renting it. i was worried. dad says theyƩr good people i hope they are. i wrote tawni a letter. i was talking to nicole about tawni yesterday adn got emotional. ha. i miss you guys. really i do.
i´m going to write dad but make sure you rub it in his face that the ravens are palying the niners thanksgiving. i am here in colombia without thanksgiving. its sad. i miss everyone. what i want for christmas is letters from everyone. i miss my family!!!!
i´m glad ty is wrestling. tell him to write me.. oh and could you give me president kellers email and also bishop egley. i want to write them... ha i taught tawni everything she knows in basketball... haha she better remember it. i cant wait to get home and watch her. she is an angel really. the way she helps you and is nice to everyone. i know she is a blessing to us all..
i hope you all have a great thanksgivving. i miss everyone. and these holiday months are going to kill me haah. get your butt cleanng mother dear. you have people coming over. know i am thankful for my family and for my savior jesus christ. and that i am able to be here while the rest fo the world does their thing. i am blessed to know my god and have him and his spirit play a part of my life every single day. i love you. and i am thankful for you.
elder hall

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NEW AREA-Pamplona Colombia

Who Dat Sexy Man!

HEY! So after 32 hours of buses and travel. I am here in Pamplona Colombia. It is two hours from Cucuta, and I wish I had time to tell you everything about it, but i have to make it short! It is beautiful here! I love it! Today is my first day here and already I don't want to leave. I am writing to say I am here and everything is okay, just so mom quits worrying about me, haha. I will write on Wednesday and tell you all about Pamplona, and my companion. I will take some pictures too if i get the chance. Know that I am happy and I pray the you are happy every day. Be safe, and hakuna matata...  (means no worries for the rest of your days) ^jajaja... ciao los amo mucho!
Elder Hall!

That building in the middle is the church, it's the one with the green roof. There are only about 20 people that go to church on Sunday. I am teaching English classes and that is bringing in over 20 people every Saturday. I get nervous teaching alot of people. I don't know why, but it is fun and has improved my Spanish alot!

These are a couple chicos playin chess on top of the mountain.

More Pictures

This is my companion as we climb to the Cristo Rey. It is super high and so killer to walk,. but cool and yes that is Elder Quinonez, my albino. He´s super wierd. Ha ha! 

This is the cool little thing I did the other day. This is Jesus.
We hiked up to take a photo.

This is the inside room under Crist. Pamplona is the second most Catholic city in Colombia. Ha, makes work a little tough!

Pamplona Colombia

This is a picture from up on the hill. We have to climb so freaking high to get to our investigators, but the sights of this city are amazing.


This is from the other side of the mountain looking away into the canyon to Cucuta. The clouds are flying lower than I am.

This is a little of the city in the nighty night!