Friday, December 2, 2011

Saturday Baptisms! November 28th, 2011

This is our family. Mom and Dad aren't married, and this was the Dad´s first time in the church. It was a little step toward getting them married.

Here are the little girls, we love them so much!

 Here are more of our friends here in Pamplona, Colombia. As you can see, I am tall here. I am also the "Michael Jordan" of basketball here too! HaHa!

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21st 2011

Hello my mother... so... we have two baptizms this week... Brenda and Nicole. both picked me to baptize them so im doing the dunkin ha. ill send some pictures of it after... haha. i´m pretty excited. and i feel a little piece of the love god has for us. really i love these girls and their family. it´s hard to explain but i know they want to be happy. and they´re getting there.
dad told me about the house... that is gerat mom. count your blessings that someone is renting it. i was worried. dad says theyér good people i hope they are. i wrote tawni a letter. i was talking to nicole about tawni yesterday adn got emotional. ha. i miss you guys. really i do.
i´m going to write dad but make sure you rub it in his face that the ravens are palying the niners thanksgiving. i am here in colombia without thanksgiving. its sad. i miss everyone. what i want for christmas is letters from everyone. i miss my family!!!!
i´m glad ty is wrestling. tell him to write me.. oh and could you give me president kellers email and also bishop egley. i want to write them... ha i taught tawni everything she knows in basketball... haha she better remember it. i cant wait to get home and watch her. she is an angel really. the way she helps you and is nice to everyone. i know she is a blessing to us all..
i hope you all have a great thanksgivving. i miss everyone. and these holiday months are going to kill me haah. get your butt cleanng mother dear. you have people coming over. know i am thankful for my family and for my savior jesus christ. and that i am able to be here while the rest fo the world does their thing. i am blessed to know my god and have him and his spirit play a part of my life every single day. i love you. and i am thankful for you.
elder hall

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NEW AREA-Pamplona Colombia

Who Dat Sexy Man!

HEY! So after 32 hours of buses and travel. I am here in Pamplona Colombia. It is two hours from Cucuta, and I wish I had time to tell you everything about it, but i have to make it short! It is beautiful here! I love it! Today is my first day here and already I don't want to leave. I am writing to say I am here and everything is okay, just so mom quits worrying about me, haha. I will write on Wednesday and tell you all about Pamplona, and my companion. I will take some pictures too if i get the chance. Know that I am happy and I pray the you are happy every day. Be safe, and hakuna matata...  (means no worries for the rest of your days) ^jajaja... ciao los amo mucho!
Elder Hall!

That building in the middle is the church, it's the one with the green roof. There are only about 20 people that go to church on Sunday. I am teaching English classes and that is bringing in over 20 people every Saturday. I get nervous teaching alot of people. I don't know why, but it is fun and has improved my Spanish alot!

These are a couple chicos playin chess on top of the mountain.

More Pictures

This is my companion as we climb to the Cristo Rey. It is super high and so killer to walk,. but cool and yes that is Elder Quinonez, my albino. He´s super wierd. Ha ha! 

This is the cool little thing I did the other day. This is Jesus.
We hiked up to take a photo.

This is the inside room under Crist. Pamplona is the second most Catholic city in Colombia. Ha, makes work a little tough!

Pamplona Colombia

This is a picture from up on the hill. We have to climb so freaking high to get to our investigators, but the sights of this city are amazing.


This is from the other side of the mountain looking away into the canyon to Cucuta. The clouds are flying lower than I am.

This is a little of the city in the nighty night!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going Away Party!

We had a little party because we are all leaving Yopal.  :( super sad.
On my way to Cucuta!! Leaving tomorrow!!
This little white special is the Virgin of La Pena. We climed up the mountain to her, and yes, it was a climb!
Virgin La Pena. 
Looking out over the city.

Pictures of The Day

I love eating coconuts straight from the shell.  They are so good!  Especially when you get them from the tree yourself with a stick!  It is kinda hard because they stick to the tree like iron!  Haha!

Gettin' Transferred

So today was super crazy!! Number one, I found out last night that I am going to Cucuta, Colombia.  This is so far awayfrom Yopal. The road there has a road slide, so I was going to drive to Bogota on a bus, then another bus to Cucuta, but they said I might not get to drive a bus, so I will fly to Cucuta.

My new companion is Elder Quiñonez. He is from Equador. He is an Albino, yes Albino, white everything, haha. They say he is very wierd. I got a call from our assistant and he said that he is very hard to get a long with, but President Hacking says that he knows that I will help him out a lot, and that this is a special exchange for me. That is cool, usually I would be like bummed, but im not!! I am so excited to go change! I know the Lord is putting me in these situations to change me for the better, and I know that I will be better, because I just went through it with my last companion, haha. I am happy to be away from that "little demon", haha. But, I feel myself changing and I love it. It is so hard and I am super stressed but I know that it is worth it.

Cucuta is big, and hotter than here. Ha, I am excited! My church there is a house chapel, with about thirty members. I hope that they like me. I am going to try hard to make things go great in the "little chapel".

Friday, October 7, 2011


It rains Super Hard here!

This isn´t a snake or an animal that we don't have in the US. It is simply an EARTHWORM,  but you could catch a SHARK with it.  It's a little more than what our TROUT can handle!

October 5th 2011

Did I watch conference??? I didn´t miss one word,. not a single one, and I took notes on every single talk. President Monson was great! How can anyone deny that he has the power of God. He is amazing. My favorite talk of the whole conference was the one by the young womens president, and then in the priesthood session, the one by Elder Holland. It was powerful, and President Eyring surprised me as well with some great talks.
Sucks about Ty's team. I know how he feels, and just tell him to try his hardest and then kick some butt when baseball comes around... haha...
So no, my companion is still..."hard", but I´m doing good at keeping my mouth shut. I just work hard, and when he's having his moment, I say sorry and don't talk... haha... I read in the Book of Mormon the other day that the best thing to do when someone loses control,  is to just answer quietly, and that hits harder than yelling. It works, imagine that... haha.
 Well, I don't have much more to talk about. I did get the packages and YES I loved them.  My favorite part was the letter mom... thank you. Yes, please feel free to send me something for Christmas... haha and Halloweeen... and Thanksgiving... ya think a turkey would make it here? There isn't turkey here...  From what I hear, Christmas is difficult here on the mission. There aren´t really great lights or snow, and its actually the hottest time of the year, sad right. Well, I will send some pictures right now... hope you like them. I love you so much!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

To my fellow Mink Creekers!

Hello my giant family ward of Mink Creek. I want you to know first of all that there is nothing in this world better than serving a mission. The things that I am learning here are things that I could never learn anywhere else. I have learned how to study in a house for three hours just south of 95 degrees,  I have learned to appreciate people for who they are,  I have learned to speak a beautiful language that will be a blessing throughout my life, I have learned what freedom means, I have learned that without organization,  we are unorganized, ha ha!  I have learned to listen to the spirit, I have learned to deal with trials:  emotional, physical, and spiritual. I have also learned to love someone when all you want to do is put super glue on the toilet seat,  and 
I have learned that our Savior,  Jesus Christ lives.
We don't, however,  have to serve a mission to know this:
There were three men who all lived good successful lives,  they grew old and were taken to heaven.
They all reached the gate of the Celestial Kingdom where there was a man waiting to open the door. He said to the three men:
"All you need to do to pass into the kingdom of God is  tell me what Jesus Christ means to you."
The first man replied, "well, he was the son of God."  The gatekeeper looked into his eyes, and said, "your answer is correct, but that isn't enough to get into the kingdom."
The second man replied,  "Jesus Christ died for us, he suffered that we could be forgiven. He was crucified, He established his church on the earth. He is our king,  my king,  and I love him with all of my heart."
The gatekeeper looked at the man, smiled, and said, "you are correct as well, but that is not enough to get into the kingdom of God."
The third man approached the gate, and began to cry.  The gatekeeper looked at him and asked him what was wrong. The man looked into the eyes of the gatekeeper, and with tears streaming down his face he said, "you are my Savior. You are my Jesus Christ."
Our Christ opened the gate for this man.
It is my testimony that it will never be enough to know OF Christ,  but to KNOW HIM.  To personally feel Him in our heart and have the spirit to know his presence.  I know this church is true,  I have testified of it a million times and I have yet to reach a year in the mission.  Jesus Christ lives,  and he is the ONLY way that we are saved.  Learn to love and be like Christ.  I am trying all I can to be like Him.

Life is Never Easy!

I am learning the hard way that life will never flow easily. You will never spend every day with the people that you love, and that there is always a upside to everything.  I know now that when I feel like I have nothing left, and no one to talk to,  I can walk in my room,  pray to my Heavenly Father, and feel his spirit in my heart, and in my mind long enough to put my trials and sadness at ease.  I have never done this before.  I know now that I don't have to endure everything on my own,  and like Jesus Christ: got sent an angel to help Him in the garden,  Doctrine and Covenants promises in section 84:88,  and whoso receiveth you, there I will be also. For I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. I love this scripture and I read it often because I have found myself in hard places on my mission. I always heard it wouldn't all be easy and fun, but now,  Ii know of assurance that it is difficul,  and that is how I want it. This is a trial.  My cousin, Justin,  promised me in a note he wrote in the journal he gave me:  Immediately after the greatest trials, will come the greatest blessings, so here I am to endure the trials, and here I am,  hopefully,  to receive those blessings.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eyes like a Gato, Snails, and Passion Fruit

Eyes of a Gato!
The Colombians tell me that I have eyes like a Gato, which is a cat.  You can also see that I am a little bit sunburned.  I am looking forward to and awesome tan to go along with my cat eyes!

Giant Snails!!
This is a picture of Giant Snails here in Colombia.  Whenever there is a big crunch under your foot, you know what it is.  They are huge and cool looking, I think.  They are everywhere at night, but I haven't figured out where they go in the day time.  I think they are Magic!!!!!!!

Passion Fruit
This is what you call a Passion Fruit in America.  Here it is called Maracuya.  It is really wierd to eat.  You just open it up and swallow all the seeds.  Yep, just gulp and swallow and they are gone.  Pretty good!

New Companion and My First Baptism!!!

Ok... so it´s been way crazy these past couple weeks... there's been a lot of changing and conferences and interviews... but I think next week should be a little bit better. I will write again on Monday. My new companions name is Elder Espinal, from Peru. He is about four foot eleven.  I am trying super hard to be a better person and just love him and serve him.  I have found that it is working. I guess you could say that this is something I have never tried... haha... but I really do feel like I´m changing.  Rules and obedience are becoming less of an annoyance and more of a way of living.  I have found so much power in being obedient, we can all learn from this... haha...

My companion Elder Espinal, Jose, and me before the baptism.

Another picture of me and Jose on his special day!

Here is Erica and Oscar next to Jose.  Me, Fernanda, and Sonja.
 So yea, the baptizm was great!  It was actually supposed to be next week but he was ready this week! So, I dunked him haha... I´ll have you know I said the prayer and his name in perfect Spanish.  

Although, his hand that was holding my arm, didn´t make it under the water so we tried again with perfect success haha... it was great! He is very happy and will recieve the Holy Ghost and Aaronic Preisthood tomorrow.

I am anxiously awaiting your package! I will probably cry with joy... I do that alot when I read your letters, not because I´m homesick,  just because I am happy that I have a family like I do. I really am blessed, and I know it now that I have been here in Colombia.

Oh also, you´ll notice that I am red as a tomato. I got sunburned today, so no, I don´t always look like that,  but just imagine how sexy it will be in three days!!! TAN!!! haha.. :) bueno yo nessesito ir... te amo mucho mami... tu eres la mejor! XOXOXOX

Friday, September 9, 2011

MY LITTLE ADVENTURE September 10, 2011

Hello I know you are all having a panic attack because I haven´t written. I´m sorry. ha. The truth... is that I was on an adventure.. a big one! We got a call from the assistants telling us that we had to be on a bus for Duitama at seven at night to arrive at ten. This was Thursday. The trip started off great. Nice curvy canyon road, all of a sudden, the bus stops and we look out and there is a mud slide in the road. Not just a pile of mud in the road, but half of a mountain in the road. We sat in the dark, on a bus, in the middle of the jungle for a couple hours until a tractor got there. And after watching him move dirt and slide all over we finally had enough space to pass.  
Remember the Laplatta hunting club? The roads there? We would take the old dodge up hunting and bounce up and down the rough road. Okay picture that, times 5, and multiply the truck by two, and add 45 people to the picture. That is how my Wednesday night Thursday morning was.. We arrived in Duitama at 5:30 in the morning just in time for our meeting with President Hacking. We had our interviews, and he sent us a big "sorry" and money for the trip back... haha... the trip back was just as bumpy! Just no mudslides in the road, and we got back here to Yopal at 12:00 last night..
This week I have done two things that I would never have imagined doing.. number one. I bought a baseball hat that cost about 30 dollars in the US. I argued with the Colombian man and got it for 25,000 pesos, or 12 bucks... haha. I'm good! I will send a picture of it monday. it is a Toronto Blue Jays hat. It is beautiful and very rare here in Colombia haha..
Second thing: Now is the time of heavy recruitment for Colombia. Trucks of soldiers drive around and unload to search for kids 17-25 without their proof of service, (you can serve, or pay to get this card). If you dont have it, you are taken immediately to the barracks... anyway, I always have my proof of foreign identity. BUT! One day it slipped my mind, and a truck of soldiers unloaded in front of me and my companion, about 50 yards ahead of us in the road. I realize I didn´t have my Cedula. I get nervous, we turn off the road, and a long crazy story short, we pretty much evaded the Colombian Military by weaving through streets and walking through patios of people... haha... it was awesome!
Okay... so the enterprise I told you about last time.. Out of the 12-13 people we taught, 10 now have baptismal dates for Ooctober 1st. I wish I could explain how prepared these kids are for the Gospel. Imagine, they all have families.. it´s amazing!
Yea, so one of the puppies is named Maverick, and the other is Goose. Dad will like those names... ha.
Bueno. Tengo hambre! Voy a cocinar huevos y sopa por almuerzo... I will write again on Monday, that is when changes are being made, so I will be In Yopal till Monday and then I will let you know when and where I am going. I love you and hope all is well...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wednesday, August 31st 2011

Ha! I know that you don't cook anymore Mom! I knew there had to be some sort of excuse for you to be making bread...  he he.. and don't call yourself a lazy beast... even though i laughed out loud to that..
Oh Jakey poo! Tell him to give me some words please!... And I am very anxiously waiting for a letter from Justin "Urban Meyer" Torfin... Tell him and Heather I love them..
That is awesome about Dad in Jake's circle... to be honest... I have lost count of the blessings Ii have given for the sick and for comfort... and most of them have been in Spanish... the priesthood is like a big suit coat that you have to work hard to fill... I feel confident and have a very strong testimony of the priesthood... o sacerdocio.. en español. ha. I am so thankful to have a father that was able to give me blessings and be worthy of the calling... I realize now, how big of a responsibility it is...
The puppies! :( I am so sad I don't get to play with them and name them! Tell Tawni and Tyson I get to name one! and I mean that... I will send the name next week. I need to think hard about it... ha ha..
Mom I have learned since being here that when you put our Heavenly Father first... ALWAYS He will bless us 100 times more... I know that is true... with every cell in my body I know it... and so with your new calling... make the sacrifices... if you are tired as he--, and can't get up... say a prayer... and go do it anyway... and something amazing will happen for that effort and sacrifice... I invite you to try my words... you don't have to... but I know if you do you will be blessed.. and you will bless the lives of all that you work with...
Priorities are important.
And I don't want to call the car mine before I buy it....... but we found something... it might just be the reason I am here in Colombia... We found an interprise of 11-13 people... they work for an interprise... and well, they shared their interprise with me and my companion. And they invited us to teach our message with all of them... They are all young adults from 23-29 years old... They are amazing people... Really nice and just good people... They are all really great friends... anyway.... we taught them the restauracion?, restoration... I can't remember how to spell it in English ha ha... The spirit punched them all in the face really hard... and Ii asked a guy to read a scripture after, and he got choked up... it was the best! ha ha... and then we had a prayer. One of the girls said an amazing prayer saying to heavenly father "thank you for sending us these missionaries with the message we all have been looking for".... like I said.... I know what you are thinking right now.... ha ha.. 13 baptisms... but I don't know yet.. weather or not they'll accept baptism, but I know that they have received and felt the spirit of God, and they can never say that they didn't have the opportunity to join the church of Jesucristo. anyway...
I did receive your letters this week... I cried through all of them... I feel so distant from the family,Inot being able to write back.. i called the office and Hermana Boulter said that it is pretty much impossible to send a letter back to the US... and if I do. I won't be able to eat for 3 weeks... Mom... know that I would if I could... 
I will send a email to grandma Deon as well.. I received her letter Friday last week... I received your three on Monday... it was beautiful... the other Americans get packages and they say their parents use flat rate boxes or something... and it costs like 45 or 50 dollars... so maybe you could throw a nice set of American candy together ha ha... ,) I love you and miss you like crazy... things are great... we have intercambios in two weeks... so I will be letting you know what happens when I can... I love you... ciao

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hook him up!
Here We Go!
Gettin Closer!

Right Where He Belongs!
 These photos were taken by Brother Mark and Sister Linda Peterson who are also serving a Mission in Colombia.  They will LOVE seeing Moroni on the Brigham Temple when they get home to Brigham City!


         Yes, my suit is just a little big, but things are great!!! 
     Mom sent me a pictue of Tawni that she just took.  Freak! Why does Tawn look like she's forty... I don't like that! The picture is great however. Tell her congrats on making her big brother worry! Well, yesterday it rained for about 9 hours.  It's pretty wet and hot I have to say, but it's good. Yopal is so much harder than Bogota. I don't know why. Our success here is slowing down. Not exactly slowing down,  but our investigators aren't progressing as fast I guess, but we're trying.  Our area is huge! Ha, yes I got homesick from watching Avatar on the bus ride to Bogota! You try going four months without using a single part of your creative mind... and then have it explode open with a movie like Avatar... haha.. it was crazy!! I want to watch football so bad!! Actually, there is a member here that is a die hard football fan!! It's crazy cause I'm pretty sure he is the only one in Colombia besides myself!.. haha.. But we talk FOOTBALL allot.  He loves the Raiders, YUK!  I tell him to pick a team that is at least somewhat  good... haha.. We're good friends! It would be nice to hear a little news on my Ravens though: hint, hint... I hope Tyson and those other Indians win this year! Tell him good luck and I can't wait to hear the play by play!
     Well things here are good... I love my cold showers in the morning... especially when the house is close to 80 degrees by 10 am haha... It is awesome... and I am working harder than I ever have... Oh, and about my future goals? You like them? My most important one is the BMX one... I will be pro!      

Anyway... I love you allot... and I miss you all, and don't worry about a thing. Everything is going GREAT! Okay, tell the Grandparents hello, and that I miss them! I'm sure they are dying to hear from me... and I am dying to hear from them... haha... I love you!                                                                                          Adios,
                                                                                                         Elder Hall                

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My companion and I, and two sister missionaries, had a zone conference back in Bogota, so we traveled for 9 hours there and 9 hours back to be there... it was really fun... On the bus ride, we watched Avatar.  I admit that I got really home sick from it.. .ha ha... but i´m okay now... :)

My mom keeps asking if I have been sick and that is why I've lost so much weight.  HA, HA, I´m never sick... we just eat a big lunch and that is it for the day... and the food isn´t that appealing so I don´t crave things.  We have been running and exercising, and that helps allot too.  Yes, my suit is grossly too big, and so are my shirts and pants, but it's all GOOD! I can´t wait to hear from you again, and that will be Wednesday.
ciao mi amor,  Elder Bridger Hall :]

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hotter than Martha's Kitchen! Friday August 19th

 This place is a little bit out of town... it´s so hot... try to see the man with no shirt haha... I don´t have many pictures of here... but yes... it´s hotter than Martha Stewarts Kitchen here...

 This is Jorge... haha... yes Jorge.. the rest of his family will be baptized in 5 months when they get married... haha...


So, I am in my study room... I don't know if you can tell, but I´m a little thinner than you might expect...but it´s good...

HOT AND HUMID IN YOPAL! Wednesday August 10th

Okay, I got on the bus at 8 in the morning and we drive.....all day.....all day.....all day.....all day.....all day.....and then finally get to Yopal at night.....9 to be exact.....the bus door opens.....and I step off.....ya know that feeling you get when you open the oven door and reach into it before the hot air can escape?  That is what is was like when I stepped off the was like hot water being poured over my body.....I looked around and the men are sitting in rocking chairs without shirts.....and the women are wearing just enough clothing to cover certain parts.....Yopal is CRAZY!  I really don;t know how to explain the climate here other than HOT and WET!  People don't close thier doors when they are home, we just walk up and yell "Buenas" or "Como Estan"!  WE have found some great families already and I know that things are going to be good because we work hard!  So, I am here and I am safe.....I love you!

ROBBED!!!! Monday August 1st 2011

Wow , this week was CRAZY mom!  Yesterday we changed companions for the night. I went with an Argentine that I really like and we had alot of fun, and then we got a call.  Apparently, my companion and the missionary he was with got ROBBED!  Sucks for them, haha!  I was so glad it wasn't me, and we were really glad that they were okay and all that was stolen was thier cell phones.  We were told 3 days ago that we are going to be here for another month and a half, but last night we got an EMERGENCY call and found out that we are being transferred to Yopal Colombia.  It is about 360 miles northeast of here.  It is really hot and humid there and we will be there during the hottest time of the year. This place is like the jungle that I thought I'd see when I firat got here, like crazy Iguanas running around and stuff.  I am so excited, but sad to leave our investigators.  We leave at 7 am in the morning, and have a 9 hour buss ride down the Mountain.  What a long day, huh.  I better go and I miss you all!   Love Elder Hall

Sunday, July 17, 2011

P-Day Break

Just goofin' off on P-Day!  I know that my Mommie will like these pictures! 

This week was a harder week.  I can speak the language alright, but it is sometimes really hard to understand. I just have to keep listening until I catch on.  It gives me a headache!

I have finally found my favorite food here.  It is Aguacate (avacado).  Here they are Giant and green, none of that little small black stuff.  They are delicious with just salt!

Our investigators are doing well, and we found a new family a couple of days ago.  They are not married which is typical here.  Marriage is just a tradition that alot of people don't follow.  Without marriage, there is no baptism, and that makes our job harder.

My companion is "Nuts".  We are late for everything!  I am learning one thing, and that is patience.  I am learning that I don't have much, (haha)!  

Oh yea!  I got pickpocketed on the bus!  Don't tell my Mom. It was a little crazy!  He stuck his hand in my pocket and I turned to deck him, but he pulled it out and I didn't have anything in my pocket anyway, so I just got off the bus.  They wait until you're getting off the bus to try it so that they can get away with it! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here is a picture of the food we ate this week. It is starting to go down a little easier.  We dirnk AGUAPANELA... it is like a brown drink similar to barf...we drink it with a hot roll and a brick of cheese that you put in the drink, yum! My gag reflexes are stonger that I thought.  I am getting really good at not asking what I am eating.  I did have some chewy meat thing today that I could not identify.  Yikes!

This is my Campanero,  Elder Cordona.  He is from Bolivia.  He speaks only Spanish. It is really helping me to learn to speak better Espaniol.  He looks very busy doesn't he.  He helped me to color my hair one day.  It was getting a little sun-bleached.  I am just trying to fit it! HAHA!  This is not a very clear picture, but here I am, "Doin' my Doo". Sometimes, when you are a Missionary in Colombia, you color your hair in your room. HAHA!


This is all my Pesos.  How much do you think this is in US currency?  5000 peso is equal to $428.45 US dollars.

Seriously though,  I am loving my mission.  We just witnessed a baptism of a young girl named Stephi, and her family.  It was really awesome!  We are teaching another family and had a really great first lesson with them.  I feel they want to know more.  I had my first interview with President Hacking.  He is a great down-to-earth man, and funny as well.  It is good to know that there are still men like that here, I miss that of Idaho.  He said he was pleased with my progress so far even though the language is coming slowly.  We are taking a bus to Facatativa to help the Sister missionaries who are struggling.  I am excited to see a new part of my mission.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Bridger (Elder Hall) and Elder Ure fianlly made it to Colombia.  They left the MTC in Provo on Tuesday June 14th at 5:00 a.m.  They flew into Atlanta, Georgia around noon our time.  This is when we finally were able to chat with him for a while.  It was great to hear his voice!  He was so excited to be out of the MTC and couldn't wait to get to Colombia.  He emailed Wednesday morning letting us know that he had arrived safely.  He was met by President Hacking.  Here is a photo of the Elder's with President Hacking and his wife.  The one thing Bridger told us was that they drove 85 mph in some crazy taxi thing.  He was white knuckling it!  No rules of the road, no police to stop you,  and everyone else was driving the same way!  He is LOVING it already!!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Bogota Colombia South America
This is where I will serve my 2 years!

This is how far you guys are from me.

Me and some of the Elders
Just Chillin'.


This is Elder Peterson from California.
He has been one of my best friends
here at the MTC.

Elder Peterson

This is my Companion, Elder Ure.

Me and some of the Bro's.

This of course is the Provo Temple. I loved
going each week just to get outside.
This is the view from the Temple.

I have to admit that I am so glad to finally be leaving the MTC.  Oh, I have learned  many GREAT things here, but structure was not one of my favorites.  I have made many new friends, but I am ready to Serve the Lord where I have been called.