Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 my new companion is from bolivia.. he's like an Indian. haha! weird' but he's pretty chill. i'm staying here in Alamos ward for another transfer!! wahoo!! 2 years 4 wards. i am special!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 bogota is scary!! haha i forgot how scary it was till i got here.. but the thing is, i am a lot smarter now than i was when i started... can you belive that a year ago i was here in the big city?? i am in the alamos ward.. it is to the southeast of where i started the mission. it is a lot bigger and there are lots of scary corners and such... haha. oh i forgot to tell you that we went to a farewell for president hacking and sister hacking... they both cried a ton... but we all got a minute to talk to president... he told me that i was doing very good... that i am a great missionary and that i am a natural leader.. and that he is amazed with the condition that i left yopal... new members... and the ward loved me... i felt really good to hear all that.. he also said that i was now a zone lealder because i have been obedient and always worked hard.. and he knows that the others will follow my example. so that was cool to hear

hlopñe you are doing good.
elder hall.

2 weeks... 4 baptizms. Wahoo!!  I thought you would like a few pictures.We do have the truth Mom, so when someone comes knocking we know what we´ll say. There are other religions here that are convinced that their church is true. They just say that they just have some traditions that aren´t quite right...Well, I don't think that a church with bad traditions would be the church of Christ. Mine is!!

And yea... so this week has been good... I have just been so tired lately... I am tired when I wake up like I just ran 10 miles while I slept or something... We go to work, and after lunch, I am dead... and then we continue working till night and I am terribly dead when I get in the house... I just wish I had energy like the energizer bunny... haha! we really do work  hard here... I kind of think it is the lasting effects of the "Dengue".  I know it will get better though.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 9th, 2012
April 16th, 2012
Hello mom! I love you. I dont really have a lot of time to write today.  I will tell you however that I am happy. I have arrived here safely even after traveling to Bogota and around Bogota all alone, haha. I also had to travel to Yopal alone! It is so cool!  I feel so cool to be able to do that.
My companions name is Elder Gonzalez.  He is way cool! Everyone told me how wierd and serious he is and that he never smiles,  and I get here and I love the kid!  He´s cool.  He likes to work hard and that´s good. We got a lot done this week.  I got here at 4 am on Friday, and walked into the house, and it was all good!
Tell the family that I love them and that I am happy and that I will write more next p-day.
I love you Momy!  Goodbye
Elder Hall

Monday, January 16, 2012

Where are our Exchanges?!

Hey! So no one has gotten their exchanges yet. We are all still waiting to hear from President Hacking, so I'm not sure where I'll be going yet. But, if I go anywhere, it will be tomorrow. I will let you know later today what I find out, but for now, I am still here in Pamplona!  Haha, I love you!

Mom! Ya freak! You started planning how you are going to come find me huh?!  We still haven't received our freaking changes yet. We´re all still waiting! Obviously, something weird has happened with President Hacking and they are changing things around, but we don't know what. The assistants, secretaries, and Pres. and Hermana Hacking won't answer their phones today,  so something is going down! Haha. 
I am still waiting for word on our changes Mom, but stop worrying about me, I own this place!  Hahaah!
I love you :)

That is so scary about Rob!  Tell him I love him and that I am praying for him. Tell aunt Kamee to quit acting like a high school cheerleader and write to her nefew! Haha. Tell Mcoy, Kayci, and Kohler to write as well!

Sad to see friends go home!!!

Elder and Hermana Boulter

This is Hermana and Elder Boulter. They went home to St. George on the 31st of December.  They were very sad to go, and were very good friends of mine.  Mom you should look them up and talk to them on facebook or somthing.  I will miss them! 

Elder Horquera

This is Elder Horquera, from Chile. He is an awesome missionary and one of my best friends in the mission. I am sad because he will be going home next month. I will miss him as well!

Cucuta Conference

This is what I ate for Christmas dinner with the Hackings and our zone in Cucuta. I don't know why the rice is green, it´s best not to ask. Haha!

I sat here with my companion Elder Quinonez, to eat our Christmas dinner. The others are: Elder Mesa from Colombia, Elder Melendez from Peru, and another Elder from Peru. Peruvians think they are the coolest.  That is all I must say about that! Hahaha


This is Angela and her mom. We are trying to get her baptized, but her mom is preventing it because she doesn't think she is ready. We are the missionaries, and we know when she is ready, so we´re working on this still. It won't be long.

Look at this freaking Huge-A spider! I am so scared of them it´s sad. One night I woke up and felt something in my hair. I put my hand up there to see what it was and I felt the big ol' body of some kind of insect in my hair. I karate-ninja chopped that puppy out of my hair so fast you wouldnt believe it!, and I didnt dare turn on the lghts to see what it was cause I was afraid that it was a spider and I didnt want to find it again. Anyway, here it is. 

Crazy Spider's in Colombia!