Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hook him up!
Here We Go!
Gettin Closer!

Right Where He Belongs!
 These photos were taken by Brother Mark and Sister Linda Peterson who are also serving a Mission in Colombia.  They will LOVE seeing Moroni on the Brigham Temple when they get home to Brigham City!


         Yes, my suit is just a little big, but things are great!!! 
     Mom sent me a pictue of Tawni that she just took.  Freak! Why does Tawn look like she's forty... I don't like that! The picture is great however. Tell her congrats on making her big brother worry! Well, yesterday it rained for about 9 hours.  It's pretty wet and hot I have to say, but it's good. Yopal is so much harder than Bogota. I don't know why. Our success here is slowing down. Not exactly slowing down,  but our investigators aren't progressing as fast I guess, but we're trying.  Our area is huge! Ha, yes I got homesick from watching Avatar on the bus ride to Bogota! You try going four months without using a single part of your creative mind... and then have it explode open with a movie like Avatar... haha.. it was crazy!! I want to watch football so bad!! Actually, there is a member here that is a die hard football fan!! It's crazy cause I'm pretty sure he is the only one in Colombia besides myself!.. haha.. But we talk FOOTBALL allot.  He loves the Raiders, YUK!  I tell him to pick a team that is at least somewhat  good... haha.. We're good friends! It would be nice to hear a little news on my Ravens though: hint, hint... I hope Tyson and those other Indians win this year! Tell him good luck and I can't wait to hear the play by play!
     Well things here are good... I love my cold showers in the morning... especially when the house is close to 80 degrees by 10 am haha... It is awesome... and I am working harder than I ever have... Oh, and about my future goals? You like them? My most important one is the BMX one... I will be pro!      

Anyway... I love you allot... and I miss you all, and don't worry about a thing. Everything is going GREAT! Okay, tell the Grandparents hello, and that I miss them! I'm sure they are dying to hear from me... and I am dying to hear from them... haha... I love you!                                                                                          Adios,
                                                                                                         Elder Hall                

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My companion and I, and two sister missionaries, had a zone conference back in Bogota, so we traveled for 9 hours there and 9 hours back to be there... it was really fun... On the bus ride, we watched Avatar.  I admit that I got really home sick from it.. .ha ha... but i´m okay now... :)

My mom keeps asking if I have been sick and that is why I've lost so much weight.  HA, HA, I´m never sick... we just eat a big lunch and that is it for the day... and the food isn´t that appealing so I don´t crave things.  We have been running and exercising, and that helps allot too.  Yes, my suit is grossly too big, and so are my shirts and pants, but it's all GOOD! I can´t wait to hear from you again, and that will be Wednesday.
ciao mi amor,  Elder Bridger Hall :]

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hotter than Martha's Kitchen! Friday August 19th

 This place is a little bit out of town... it´s so hot... try to see the man with no shirt haha... I don´t have many pictures of here... but yes... it´s hotter than Martha Stewarts Kitchen here...

 This is Jorge... haha... yes Jorge.. the rest of his family will be baptized in 5 months when they get married... haha...


So, I am in my study room... I don't know if you can tell, but I´m a little thinner than you might expect...but it´s good...

HOT AND HUMID IN YOPAL! Wednesday August 10th

Okay, I got on the bus at 8 in the morning and we drive.....all day.....all day.....all day.....all day.....all day.....and then finally get to Yopal at night.....9 to be exact.....the bus door opens.....and I step off.....ya know that feeling you get when you open the oven door and reach into it before the hot air can escape?  That is what is was like when I stepped off the was like hot water being poured over my body.....I looked around and the men are sitting in rocking chairs without shirts.....and the women are wearing just enough clothing to cover certain parts.....Yopal is CRAZY!  I really don;t know how to explain the climate here other than HOT and WET!  People don't close thier doors when they are home, we just walk up and yell "Buenas" or "Como Estan"!  WE have found some great families already and I know that things are going to be good because we work hard!  So, I am here and I am safe.....I love you!

ROBBED!!!! Monday August 1st 2011

Wow , this week was CRAZY mom!  Yesterday we changed companions for the night. I went with an Argentine that I really like and we had alot of fun, and then we got a call.  Apparently, my companion and the missionary he was with got ROBBED!  Sucks for them, haha!  I was so glad it wasn't me, and we were really glad that they were okay and all that was stolen was thier cell phones.  We were told 3 days ago that we are going to be here for another month and a half, but last night we got an EMERGENCY call and found out that we are being transferred to Yopal Colombia.  It is about 360 miles northeast of here.  It is really hot and humid there and we will be there during the hottest time of the year. This place is like the jungle that I thought I'd see when I firat got here, like crazy Iguanas running around and stuff.  I am so excited, but sad to leave our investigators.  We leave at 7 am in the morning, and have a 9 hour buss ride down the Mountain.  What a long day, huh.  I better go and I miss you all!   Love Elder Hall