Sunday, July 17, 2011

P-Day Break

Just goofin' off on P-Day!  I know that my Mommie will like these pictures! 

This week was a harder week.  I can speak the language alright, but it is sometimes really hard to understand. I just have to keep listening until I catch on.  It gives me a headache!

I have finally found my favorite food here.  It is Aguacate (avacado).  Here they are Giant and green, none of that little small black stuff.  They are delicious with just salt!

Our investigators are doing well, and we found a new family a couple of days ago.  They are not married which is typical here.  Marriage is just a tradition that alot of people don't follow.  Without marriage, there is no baptism, and that makes our job harder.

My companion is "Nuts".  We are late for everything!  I am learning one thing, and that is patience.  I am learning that I don't have much, (haha)!  

Oh yea!  I got pickpocketed on the bus!  Don't tell my Mom. It was a little crazy!  He stuck his hand in my pocket and I turned to deck him, but he pulled it out and I didn't have anything in my pocket anyway, so I just got off the bus.  They wait until you're getting off the bus to try it so that they can get away with it! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here is a picture of the food we ate this week. It is starting to go down a little easier.  We dirnk AGUAPANELA... it is like a brown drink similar to barf...we drink it with a hot roll and a brick of cheese that you put in the drink, yum! My gag reflexes are stonger that I thought.  I am getting really good at not asking what I am eating.  I did have some chewy meat thing today that I could not identify.  Yikes!

This is my Campanero,  Elder Cordona.  He is from Bolivia.  He speaks only Spanish. It is really helping me to learn to speak better Espaniol.  He looks very busy doesn't he.  He helped me to color my hair one day.  It was getting a little sun-bleached.  I am just trying to fit it! HAHA!  This is not a very clear picture, but here I am, "Doin' my Doo". Sometimes, when you are a Missionary in Colombia, you color your hair in your room. HAHA!


This is all my Pesos.  How much do you think this is in US currency?  5000 peso is equal to $428.45 US dollars.

Seriously though,  I am loving my mission.  We just witnessed a baptism of a young girl named Stephi, and her family.  It was really awesome!  We are teaching another family and had a really great first lesson with them.  I feel they want to know more.  I had my first interview with President Hacking.  He is a great down-to-earth man, and funny as well.  It is good to know that there are still men like that here, I miss that of Idaho.  He said he was pleased with my progress so far even though the language is coming slowly.  We are taking a bus to Facatativa to help the Sister missionaries who are struggling.  I am excited to see a new part of my mission.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Bridger (Elder Hall) and Elder Ure fianlly made it to Colombia.  They left the MTC in Provo on Tuesday June 14th at 5:00 a.m.  They flew into Atlanta, Georgia around noon our time.  This is when we finally were able to chat with him for a while.  It was great to hear his voice!  He was so excited to be out of the MTC and couldn't wait to get to Colombia.  He emailed Wednesday morning letting us know that he had arrived safely.  He was met by President Hacking.  Here is a photo of the Elder's with President Hacking and his wife.  The one thing Bridger told us was that they drove 85 mph in some crazy taxi thing.  He was white knuckling it!  No rules of the road, no police to stop you,  and everyone else was driving the same way!  He is LOVING it already!!!!!!