Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going Away Party!

We had a little party because we are all leaving Yopal.  :( super sad.
On my way to Cucuta!! Leaving tomorrow!!
This little white special is the Virgin of La Pena. We climed up the mountain to her, and yes, it was a climb!
Virgin La Pena. 
Looking out over the city.

Pictures of The Day

I love eating coconuts straight from the shell.  They are so good!  Especially when you get them from the tree yourself with a stick!  It is kinda hard because they stick to the tree like iron!  Haha!

Gettin' Transferred

So today was super crazy!! Number one, I found out last night that I am going to Cucuta, Colombia.  This is so far awayfrom Yopal. The road there has a road slide, so I was going to drive to Bogota on a bus, then another bus to Cucuta, but they said I might not get to drive a bus, so I will fly to Cucuta.

My new companion is Elder QuiƱonez. He is from Equador. He is an Albino, yes Albino, white everything, haha. They say he is very wierd. I got a call from our assistant and he said that he is very hard to get a long with, but President Hacking says that he knows that I will help him out a lot, and that this is a special exchange for me. That is cool, usually I would be like bummed, but im not!! I am so excited to go change! I know the Lord is putting me in these situations to change me for the better, and I know that I will be better, because I just went through it with my last companion, haha. I am happy to be away from that "little demon", haha. But, I feel myself changing and I love it. It is so hard and I am super stressed but I know that it is worth it.

Cucuta is big, and hotter than here. Ha, I am excited! My church there is a house chapel, with about thirty members. I hope that they like me. I am going to try hard to make things go great in the "little chapel".

Friday, October 7, 2011


It rains Super Hard here!

This isn´t a snake or an animal that we don't have in the US. It is simply an EARTHWORM,  but you could catch a SHARK with it.  It's a little more than what our TROUT can handle!

October 5th 2011

Did I watch conference??? I didn´t miss one word,. not a single one, and I took notes on every single talk. President Monson was great! How can anyone deny that he has the power of God. He is amazing. My favorite talk of the whole conference was the one by the young womens president, and then in the priesthood session, the one by Elder Holland. It was powerful, and President Eyring surprised me as well with some great talks.
Sucks about Ty's team. I know how he feels, and just tell him to try his hardest and then kick some butt when baseball comes around... haha...
So no, my companion is still..."hard", but I´m doing good at keeping my mouth shut. I just work hard, and when he's having his moment, I say sorry and don't talk... haha... I read in the Book of Mormon the other day that the best thing to do when someone loses control,  is to just answer quietly, and that hits harder than yelling. It works, imagine that... haha.
 Well, I don't have much more to talk about. I did get the packages and YES I loved them.  My favorite part was the letter mom... thank you. Yes, please feel free to send me something for Christmas... haha and Halloweeen... and Thanksgiving... ya think a turkey would make it here? There isn't turkey here...  From what I hear, Christmas is difficult here on the mission. There aren´t really great lights or snow, and its actually the hottest time of the year, sad right. Well, I will send some pictures right now... hope you like them. I love you so much!