Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gettin' Transferred

So today was super crazy!! Number one, I found out last night that I am going to Cucuta, Colombia.  This is so far awayfrom Yopal. The road there has a road slide, so I was going to drive to Bogota on a bus, then another bus to Cucuta, but they said I might not get to drive a bus, so I will fly to Cucuta.

My new companion is Elder Quiñonez. He is from Equador. He is an Albino, yes Albino, white everything, haha. They say he is very wierd. I got a call from our assistant and he said that he is very hard to get a long with, but President Hacking says that he knows that I will help him out a lot, and that this is a special exchange for me. That is cool, usually I would be like bummed, but im not!! I am so excited to go change! I know the Lord is putting me in these situations to change me for the better, and I know that I will be better, because I just went through it with my last companion, haha. I am happy to be away from that "little demon", haha. But, I feel myself changing and I love it. It is so hard and I am super stressed but I know that it is worth it.

Cucuta is big, and hotter than here. Ha, I am excited! My church there is a house chapel, with about thirty members. I hope that they like me. I am going to try hard to make things go great in the "little chapel".

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