Monday, January 16, 2012

Where are our Exchanges?!

Hey! So no one has gotten their exchanges yet. We are all still waiting to hear from President Hacking, so I'm not sure where I'll be going yet. But, if I go anywhere, it will be tomorrow. I will let you know later today what I find out, but for now, I am still here in Pamplona!  Haha, I love you!

Mom! Ya freak! You started planning how you are going to come find me huh?!  We still haven't received our freaking changes yet. We´re all still waiting! Obviously, something weird has happened with President Hacking and they are changing things around, but we don't know what. The assistants, secretaries, and Pres. and Hermana Hacking won't answer their phones today,  so something is going down! Haha. 
I am still waiting for word on our changes Mom, but stop worrying about me, I own this place!  Hahaah!
I love you :)

That is so scary about Rob!  Tell him I love him and that I am praying for him. Tell aunt Kamee to quit acting like a high school cheerleader and write to her nefew! Haha. Tell Mcoy, Kayci, and Kohler to write as well!

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