Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 weeks... 4 baptizms. Wahoo!!  I thought you would like a few pictures.We do have the truth Mom, so when someone comes knocking we know what we´ll say. There are other religions here that are convinced that their church is true. They just say that they just have some traditions that aren´t quite right...Well, I don't think that a church with bad traditions would be the church of Christ. Mine is!!

And yea... so this week has been good... I have just been so tired lately... I am tired when I wake up like I just ran 10 miles while I slept or something... We go to work, and after lunch, I am dead... and then we continue working till night and I am terribly dead when I get in the house... I just wish I had energy like the energizer bunny... haha! we really do work  hard here... I kind of think it is the lasting effects of the "Dengue".  I know it will get better though.

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