Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here is a picture of the food we ate this week. It is starting to go down a little easier.  We dirnk AGUAPANELA... it is like a brown drink similar to barf...we drink it with a hot roll and a brick of cheese that you put in the drink, yum! My gag reflexes are stonger that I thought.  I am getting really good at not asking what I am eating.  I did have some chewy meat thing today that I could not identify.  Yikes!

This is my Campanero,  Elder Cordona.  He is from Bolivia.  He speaks only Spanish. It is really helping me to learn to speak better Espaniol.  He looks very busy doesn't he.  He helped me to color my hair one day.  It was getting a little sun-bleached.  I am just trying to fit it! HAHA!  This is not a very clear picture, but here I am, "Doin' my Doo". Sometimes, when you are a Missionary in Colombia, you color your hair in your room. HAHA!


This is all my Pesos.  How much do you think this is in US currency?  5000 peso is equal to $428.45 US dollars.

Seriously though,  I am loving my mission.  We just witnessed a baptism of a young girl named Stephi, and her family.  It was really awesome!  We are teaching another family and had a really great first lesson with them.  I feel they want to know more.  I had my first interview with President Hacking.  He is a great down-to-earth man, and funny as well.  It is good to know that there are still men like that here, I miss that of Idaho.  He said he was pleased with my progress so far even though the language is coming slowly.  We are taking a bus to Facatativa to help the Sister missionaries who are struggling.  I am excited to see a new part of my mission.

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