Sunday, July 17, 2011

P-Day Break

Just goofin' off on P-Day!  I know that my Mommie will like these pictures! 

This week was a harder week.  I can speak the language alright, but it is sometimes really hard to understand. I just have to keep listening until I catch on.  It gives me a headache!

I have finally found my favorite food here.  It is Aguacate (avacado).  Here they are Giant and green, none of that little small black stuff.  They are delicious with just salt!

Our investigators are doing well, and we found a new family a couple of days ago.  They are not married which is typical here.  Marriage is just a tradition that alot of people don't follow.  Without marriage, there is no baptism, and that makes our job harder.

My companion is "Nuts".  We are late for everything!  I am learning one thing, and that is patience.  I am learning that I don't have much, (haha)!  

Oh yea!  I got pickpocketed on the bus!  Don't tell my Mom. It was a little crazy!  He stuck his hand in my pocket and I turned to deck him, but he pulled it out and I didn't have anything in my pocket anyway, so I just got off the bus.  They wait until you're getting off the bus to try it so that they can get away with it! 

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