Saturday, August 20, 2011

HOT AND HUMID IN YOPAL! Wednesday August 10th

Okay, I got on the bus at 8 in the morning and we drive.....all day.....all day.....all day.....all day.....all day.....and then finally get to Yopal at night.....9 to be exact.....the bus door opens.....and I step off.....ya know that feeling you get when you open the oven door and reach into it before the hot air can escape?  That is what is was like when I stepped off the was like hot water being poured over my body.....I looked around and the men are sitting in rocking chairs without shirts.....and the women are wearing just enough clothing to cover certain parts.....Yopal is CRAZY!  I really don;t know how to explain the climate here other than HOT and WET!  People don't close thier doors when they are home, we just walk up and yell "Buenas" or "Como Estan"!  WE have found some great families already and I know that things are going to be good because we work hard!  So, I am here and I am safe.....I love you!

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