Thursday, August 25, 2011

     Mom sent me a pictue of Tawni that she just took.  Freak! Why does Tawn look like she's forty... I don't like that! The picture is great however. Tell her congrats on making her big brother worry! Well, yesterday it rained for about 9 hours.  It's pretty wet and hot I have to say, but it's good. Yopal is so much harder than Bogota. I don't know why. Our success here is slowing down. Not exactly slowing down,  but our investigators aren't progressing as fast I guess, but we're trying.  Our area is huge! Ha, yes I got homesick from watching Avatar on the bus ride to Bogota! You try going four months without using a single part of your creative mind... and then have it explode open with a movie like Avatar... haha.. it was crazy!! I want to watch football so bad!! Actually, there is a member here that is a die hard football fan!! It's crazy cause I'm pretty sure he is the only one in Colombia besides myself!.. haha.. But we talk FOOTBALL allot.  He loves the Raiders, YUK!  I tell him to pick a team that is at least somewhat  good... haha.. We're good friends! It would be nice to hear a little news on my Ravens though: hint, hint... I hope Tyson and those other Indians win this year! Tell him good luck and I can't wait to hear the play by play!
     Well things here are good... I love my cold showers in the morning... especially when the house is close to 80 degrees by 10 am haha... It is awesome... and I am working harder than I ever have... Oh, and about my future goals? You like them? My most important one is the BMX one... I will be pro!      

Anyway... I love you allot... and I miss you all, and don't worry about a thing. Everything is going GREAT! Okay, tell the Grandparents hello, and that I miss them! I'm sure they are dying to hear from me... and I am dying to hear from them... haha... I love you!                                                                                          Adios,
                                                                                                         Elder Hall                

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