Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eyes like a Gato, Snails, and Passion Fruit

Eyes of a Gato!
The Colombians tell me that I have eyes like a Gato, which is a cat.  You can also see that I am a little bit sunburned.  I am looking forward to and awesome tan to go along with my cat eyes!

Giant Snails!!
This is a picture of Giant Snails here in Colombia.  Whenever there is a big crunch under your foot, you know what it is.  They are huge and cool looking, I think.  They are everywhere at night, but I haven't figured out where they go in the day time.  I think they are Magic!!!!!!!

Passion Fruit
This is what you call a Passion Fruit in America.  Here it is called Maracuya.  It is really wierd to eat.  You just open it up and swallow all the seeds.  Yep, just gulp and swallow and they are gone.  Pretty good!

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