Thursday, September 29, 2011

To my fellow Mink Creekers!

Hello my giant family ward of Mink Creek. I want you to know first of all that there is nothing in this world better than serving a mission. The things that I am learning here are things that I could never learn anywhere else. I have learned how to study in a house for three hours just south of 95 degrees,  I have learned to appreciate people for who they are,  I have learned to speak a beautiful language that will be a blessing throughout my life, I have learned what freedom means, I have learned that without organization,  we are unorganized, ha ha!  I have learned to listen to the spirit, I have learned to deal with trials:  emotional, physical, and spiritual. I have also learned to love someone when all you want to do is put super glue on the toilet seat,  and 
I have learned that our Savior,  Jesus Christ lives.
We don't, however,  have to serve a mission to know this:
There were three men who all lived good successful lives,  they grew old and were taken to heaven.
They all reached the gate of the Celestial Kingdom where there was a man waiting to open the door. He said to the three men:
"All you need to do to pass into the kingdom of God is  tell me what Jesus Christ means to you."
The first man replied, "well, he was the son of God."  The gatekeeper looked into his eyes, and said, "your answer is correct, but that isn't enough to get into the kingdom."
The second man replied,  "Jesus Christ died for us, he suffered that we could be forgiven. He was crucified, He established his church on the earth. He is our king,  my king,  and I love him with all of my heart."
The gatekeeper looked at the man, smiled, and said, "you are correct as well, but that is not enough to get into the kingdom of God."
The third man approached the gate, and began to cry.  The gatekeeper looked at him and asked him what was wrong. The man looked into the eyes of the gatekeeper, and with tears streaming down his face he said, "you are my Savior. You are my Jesus Christ."
Our Christ opened the gate for this man.
It is my testimony that it will never be enough to know OF Christ,  but to KNOW HIM.  To personally feel Him in our heart and have the spirit to know his presence.  I know this church is true,  I have testified of it a million times and I have yet to reach a year in the mission.  Jesus Christ lives,  and he is the ONLY way that we are saved.  Learn to love and be like Christ.  I am trying all I can to be like Him.

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