Friday, September 9, 2011

MY LITTLE ADVENTURE September 10, 2011

Hello I know you are all having a panic attack because I haven´t written. I´m sorry. ha. The truth... is that I was on an adventure.. a big one! We got a call from the assistants telling us that we had to be on a bus for Duitama at seven at night to arrive at ten. This was Thursday. The trip started off great. Nice curvy canyon road, all of a sudden, the bus stops and we look out and there is a mud slide in the road. Not just a pile of mud in the road, but half of a mountain in the road. We sat in the dark, on a bus, in the middle of the jungle for a couple hours until a tractor got there. And after watching him move dirt and slide all over we finally had enough space to pass.  
Remember the Laplatta hunting club? The roads there? We would take the old dodge up hunting and bounce up and down the rough road. Okay picture that, times 5, and multiply the truck by two, and add 45 people to the picture. That is how my Wednesday night Thursday morning was.. We arrived in Duitama at 5:30 in the morning just in time for our meeting with President Hacking. We had our interviews, and he sent us a big "sorry" and money for the trip back... haha... the trip back was just as bumpy! Just no mudslides in the road, and we got back here to Yopal at 12:00 last night..
This week I have done two things that I would never have imagined doing.. number one. I bought a baseball hat that cost about 30 dollars in the US. I argued with the Colombian man and got it for 25,000 pesos, or 12 bucks... haha. I'm good! I will send a picture of it monday. it is a Toronto Blue Jays hat. It is beautiful and very rare here in Colombia haha..
Second thing: Now is the time of heavy recruitment for Colombia. Trucks of soldiers drive around and unload to search for kids 17-25 without their proof of service, (you can serve, or pay to get this card). If you dont have it, you are taken immediately to the barracks... anyway, I always have my proof of foreign identity. BUT! One day it slipped my mind, and a truck of soldiers unloaded in front of me and my companion, about 50 yards ahead of us in the road. I realize I didn´t have my Cedula. I get nervous, we turn off the road, and a long crazy story short, we pretty much evaded the Colombian Military by weaving through streets and walking through patios of people... haha... it was awesome!
Okay... so the enterprise I told you about last time.. Out of the 12-13 people we taught, 10 now have baptismal dates for Ooctober 1st. I wish I could explain how prepared these kids are for the Gospel. Imagine, they all have families.. it´s amazing!
Yea, so one of the puppies is named Maverick, and the other is Goose. Dad will like those names... ha.
Bueno. Tengo hambre! Voy a cocinar huevos y sopa por almuerzo... I will write again on Monday, that is when changes are being made, so I will be In Yopal till Monday and then I will let you know when and where I am going. I love you and hope all is well...

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