Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Companion and My First Baptism!!!

Ok... so it´s been way crazy these past couple weeks... there's been a lot of changing and conferences and interviews... but I think next week should be a little bit better. I will write again on Monday. My new companions name is Elder Espinal, from Peru. He is about four foot eleven.  I am trying super hard to be a better person and just love him and serve him.  I have found that it is working. I guess you could say that this is something I have never tried... haha... but I really do feel like I´m changing.  Rules and obedience are becoming less of an annoyance and more of a way of living.  I have found so much power in being obedient, we can all learn from this... haha...

My companion Elder Espinal, Jose, and me before the baptism.

Another picture of me and Jose on his special day!

Here is Erica and Oscar next to Jose.  Me, Fernanda, and Sonja.
 So yea, the baptizm was great!  It was actually supposed to be next week but he was ready this week! So, I dunked him haha... I´ll have you know I said the prayer and his name in perfect Spanish.  

Although, his hand that was holding my arm, didn´t make it under the water so we tried again with perfect success haha... it was great! He is very happy and will recieve the Holy Ghost and Aaronic Preisthood tomorrow.

I am anxiously awaiting your package! I will probably cry with joy... I do that alot when I read your letters, not because I´m homesick,  just because I am happy that I have a family like I do. I really am blessed, and I know it now that I have been here in Colombia.

Oh also, you´ll notice that I am red as a tomato. I got sunburned today, so no, I don´t always look like that,  but just imagine how sexy it will be in three days!!! TAN!!! haha.. :) bueno yo nessesito ir... te amo mucho mami... tu eres la mejor! XOXOXOX

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